Privacy Policy

1. Subject and objectives

Fabulous & Healthy is a consultancy firm for a healthy lifestyle. For Business to Business as well as for individual clients (see privacy declaration of individual clients). Privacy sensitive data is recorded for the purpose of Fabulous & Healthy's activities. Fabulous & Healthy treats this data in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR.

Objectives for processing data:

  • The execution of all activities related to the assignments given by the client regarding our healthy lifestyle activities;
  • Fulfilling requests for information from clients;
  • Within the context of the relevant legislation - sending newsletters and other informative messages, interesting training, workshops;
  • Performing analysis in order to improve our services;
  • Performing of all other activities and processing related to the business operations of Fabulous & Healthy;
  • Providing access to online study facilities;
  • The calculation, recording and collection of costs relating to the requested service (including the collection of claims by third parties);
  • Dealing with disputes;
  • Performing audit(s);
  • The execution or application of another law.


2. The following personal data will be processed by Fabulous & Healthy:

  • name, first names, initials, title, sex, date of birth, address, postal code, place of residence, telephone number and any other similar information necessary for communication (e.g. e-mail address), as well as the bank account number of the client or participant;
  • an administration number, if it does not contain any information other than that referred to in the previous point;
  • nationality and place of birth of the client or participant;
  • information necessary for the health or well-being of the participant;
  • information relating to the nature and course of training or workshops;
  • information necessary for the organisation of training or workshops;
  • information for calculating, recording and collecting workshop and training costs;
  • information of facilitators, as far as this information is important for the organisation and for assigning activities, coaching and training;
  • Information other than listed above that needs to be processed pursuant to another law.


3. Personal data will be provided to:

  • The Ones who:
    • are responsible for the activities listed above under 1, or
    • are managing the activities listed above under 1, or
    • must be involved in the activities listed above under 1.
  • others, in case
    • the client or participant has given his unambiguous consent to the processing of data, or
    • the processing of data is necessary to comply with a legal obligation, or
    • the processing of the data is necessary because of vital importance to the participant (e.g. recording of a food allergy), or
    • the data is further processed for historical, statistical or scientific purposes. Fabulous & Healthy ensures that the data is only further processed for these specific purposes.


4. Confidentiality 

Data will always be treated by Fabulous & Healthy with respect to the GDPR.
Employees of Fabulous & Healthy are bound by contractual provisions under which they are required to treat Personal and Confidential Data in accordance with the GDPR. In case Fabulous & Healthy hires third parties to perform activities for clients, she shall conclude an agreement, which will guarantee secrecy (non disclosure) of Personal and Confidential Data.


5. Use and storage of privacy sensitive data

The processing of Personal and Confidential Data is intended solely for the purpose for which they have been supplied and registered. Personal and Confidential Data will not be made available by Fabulous & Healthy to third parties, unless this is the explicit wish of the client or if the transfer of data is necessary for the execution of the assignment.


6. Security, retention and deletion

Fabulous & Healthy has taken the necessary measures to promote the physical, technical and organisational security of the privacy sensitive data, so the registration therefore is protected against unauthorised viewing, provision, alteration and/or deletion of data as well as against fire and similar hazards, burglary and theft.
Fabulous & Healthy will ensure that she complies with the provisions of these regulations as long as they remain in force with respect to the provisions of the GDPR.

In accordance with legislation privacy sensitive data will be retained for, 60 months after termination of the agreement for the indicated purposes or as long as the law prescribes. After this period, we will ask your permission for further communication.
Your data will be deleted immediately on request.


7. Providing data within Fabulous & Healthy

Personal and Confidential Data will only be provided within Fabulous & Healthy to employees of Fabulous & Healthy who, by virtue of their position, should have access to this data and this is in accordance with the purpose of the registration thereof.


8. Provision of data to third parties

Fabulous & Healthy will only provide Personal and Confidential Data to third parties in case:

  • the transfer is to a processor engaged by Fabulous & Healthy for the purposes listed in this Privacy Policy, with whom processor Fabulous & Healthy has made a processor agreement that ensures that processor provides sufficient guarantees about technical and organisational security measures with regard to the processing to be carried out;
  • forwarding of your name to the accommodation where the training or workshop is being attended;
  • forwarding your name, address, postal code and place of residence to the distributor of supplements
  • Fabulous & Healthy is bound by legal obligations to pass on the Personal or Confidential Data to competent authorities.


9. Right of access and amendment

Both the Client, Participant and User are entitled to access, correct, supplement, delete, block and data portability of their Personal and/or Confidential Data, in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR. If a Client, Participant or User wishes to exercise any or all of these rights, or if he/she has any questions about Fabulous & Healthy's Privacy Policy, please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


10. Cookies

Currently Fabulous & Healthy does not use cookies. 

11. Changes to the Privacy Policy

Fabulous & Healthy reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy. Any changes will be published on this page of the website. Fabulous & Healthy advises Clients, Participants and Users to check this page regularly to see if any changes have been made. This version is from 8 October 2018.

Your data is carefully managed by Fabulous & Healthy. If this is not the case, or if you have any other questions regarding your privacy, please contact us. You can do this by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In the event of an escalation, you can contact the Authority for Personal Data, PO Box 93374, 2509 AJ, The Hague. Further information can be found at