Vitality & Stress Prevention
In our Vitality program we focus on acquiring and maintaining more energy, feeling healthier and adding to your quality of work and private life (longevity), also after (early) retirement.
In our Stress Prevention program we focus on determining your stress level. Stress in itself has a function in our life and body. However, continuous stress effects your whole system (mentally/physically/wellbeing) in a negative way and thus the way you function in your professional and private life. 
Our 3 Pillars
From a holistic perspective we address the following 3 pillars:
1) Mental wellbeing (behaviour/culture/positive attitude)  
2) Nutrition (orthomolecular consultancy)
3) Physical exercise (customized)
  • Assessment of current situation
  • Determine future desired situation
  • Methods that are available: 
    • Awareness sessions
    • Education/information
    • Tailored workshops 
    • Personal Coaching

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Our hourly rate p.p. is € 90,= an hour excl. 21% VAT

Dependent on your wishes we will set up a program based on fixed price or hourly rate