In our Burnout program we focus on which effects continuous stress has on your whole system (mentally/physically/wellbeing) and thus the way you function in your professional and private life. Now could be your momentum to make that change.
Our 3 pillars
From a holistic perspective we address the following 3 pillars:
1) Mental wellbeing (behaviour/culture/positive attitude)  
2) Nutrition (orthomolecular consultancy)
3) Physical exercise (customized)
  • Assess root causes and symptoms 
  • Personal Burnout Coaching
    • Understanding how the Stress system works and how you can implement what you have learned and apply it in future.
    • Stress reduction (cognitive behavioural change)
    • Orthomolecular nutritional recommendations
    • Lifestyle and physical exercise recommendations
  • Duration of the Burn-out coaching program will be dependent on your specific situation, needs and wishes.

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Our hourly rate p.p. is € 90,= an hour excl. 21% VAT

Dependent on your wishes we will set up a program based on fixed price or hourly rate