Workshops Kinderopvang KinderRijk – Vitality & Health

We hosted the following workshops for KinderRijk:

  • Workshop "Them Crazy Hormones" for the pedagogical employees
  • Info Evening "Kids & Healthy Food" for Parents in corporation with the pedagogical employees



  • Mabel & Carmen explain the vision of Fabulous & Health for a healthy lifestyle with flair and conviction and are open to everyone’s own experiences. They are eager to engage with you to create a personal solution – Prevention Officer Kinderrijk


  • We have experienced this evening as extremely valuable. The preparation meetings were also very pleasurable. Mabel & Carmen assist with their ideas to create a tailored program. Parents and pedagogical employees were engaged in a inter active manner. There was room for questions, own ideas and advise from Mabel & Carmen – Location Manager KinderRijk

Workshop 'Weight loss, a battle you shouldn't fight!' & Orthomolecular Detox 24 June 2018

In our fourth and last workshop in our series of 4 we showed you that diets don't work and are no solution for the long term. A healthy, happy & loving lifestyle will support you to get the mindset & body you long for and so deserve!

'Love yourself, cause YOU are worth it!'


During our energetic and inter active workshop we spoke about our Fabulous Detox Program & Principles and how a positive mindset, nutrition and exercise can help you while not only detoxing your body but also your mind!


And our Fabulous Detox Program results:

  • Because of your positive mindset you will keep on seeing opportunities instead of obstacles
  • You feel like doing things again
  • You feel so much better 
  • Your health will improve
  • You will have so much more energy
  • And you will lose weight
  • Lifestyle results for the long term



Very inspiring workshop ladies! They believe in what they share & practise it as well. An inspiring and joyful way to change your life - SHL


Again more awareness on what nutrition, exercise and mindset can do for you. Very inspiring! Keep it up! - Ingrid

Workshop Them Crazy Hormones 13th May 2018

Our third workshop in the series of 4 focuses on the Orthomolecular Principals of our Hormones. During the different phases in our live our hormones go through changes that can drive us crazy. During an energetic, interactive workshop we shared our Fabulous Hormone Principles on nutrition, exercise and a positive mindset and shared a lot of experiences which we could all relate to.
Hormonal changes can greatly affect your health, your personality and your moods. During our Fabulous journey the attendees became aware that there is a lot you can do yourself to keep those hormones balanced. With the right nutrition, exercise and especially a positive mindset. ‘Love yourself, cause you are worth it!’

Inspiring, interactive and informative. Makes one want to get busy. A must go! – Ingrid

Fun and interactive workshop with clear explanation and tips on: food, exercise, mindset and supplements, which are easy to do. I’m gonna get those hormones - Britta

FNV International Womensday 11th March 2018
The FNV Womens' Network celebrates international Womensday with a inspirational and informative event for and by women. The theme for 2018 was Choose Mindfully! Your route for a sustainalbe life. During this event Fabulous & Healthy facilitated their 'Fabulous Power Women Health Boostcamp', during which we took the attendees onto a journey to discover their 'inner Fabulousness'.
A Fabulous Lifestyle consists of 3 pillars. Nutrition, Excercise and a Positive Mindset. Our approach is dynamic: sharing, challenging, creating awareness, empowering, experiencing, tasting, moving, dancing, meditating, etc. We give the attendees tools and practical information, which they can use to realise their 'inner Fabulousness'. 'Because you are worth it!'
Reference of Virna Ten Jet Foei (Project leader Women’s day celebration FNV 2018)
Mabel & Carmen facilitated a lifestyle boost camp during the celebration of international women’s day at Network Women FNV with enthusiasm and passion. Due to their solid preparation and good content of the workshop they could give the attendees a lot of information, practical tips and inspiration about a healthy lifestyle in a short time. Both ladies represent their Fabulous & Healthy lifestyle a 100%!
Workshop What do you mean Anti-Aging? I want to get old! 25 March 2018
Our second workshop in the series of 4 focuses on the Orthomoleculair Principals of the Fabulous Aging process. We took the attendees on a journey on how to grow older while feeling and looking fabulous & healthy. During an energetic and interactive workshop we shared the principals on nutrition, excersie and a positive mindset. Through interaction, sharing and discussing opinions, tasting, dancing and meditation we created awareness and new perpectives on a healthy and happy aging process. 
Changes in your body (age/hormones) affect your health and affects your skin, hair, nails and the way you feel. Unhealthy nutrion, lack of exercise and stress can lead to chronic diseases. 
There is a lot you can do to prevent this from happening. Food can be your Anti-Aging medicine, exercise will make you feel more energetic, a positive mindset and stress reduction will support you to Age Fabulously.


Workshop Health & Vitality, Investing in You! on 11th Febuary 2018
Our first workshop in the series of 4 is an introduction to the Orthomoleculair Principals of a Fabulous lifestyle. We took the attendees on a journey to discover their 'inner Fabulousness'. During an energetic and interactive workshop we shared the principals on nutrition, excersie and a positive mindset. Through interaction, sharing and discussing opinions, tasting, dancing and meditation we created awareness and new perpectives on a healthy and happy lifestyle and people were inspired to make that change. 
Your journey to your inner Fabulousness 
  • will improve your health, give you more energy and improve your positive mindset resulting in a happier life
  • needs to address all 3 areas (nutrition, exercise & positive mindset)
  • is hard work. If it were easy, wouldn't we all be Fabulous?
  • is believing in you! If you can dream it you can achieve it!
I joined the workshop ‘Health & Vitality, investing in you!’ and found it really interesting and insightful. Apart from this it was really fun too! Carmen’s and Mabel’s talk was inspiring, informative and their method of delivery was easy to receive. They clearly know what they are talking about but did not intimidate those who are new to this topic. I also enjoyed the moments of interaction and the assignments we got to do. This allowed participants to share their experiences but also made the workshop really engaging! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to learn (more) about health & vitality and how to incorporate this into your lifestyle. - Lisa