About us

Fabulous & Healthy represents our passion & love for life & health in a Fabulous Way to assist you to enjoy life to your fullest potential in business as well as in your personal life.

As a business consultancy organisation we will assist you and your organisation to facilitate the behavioural and cultural change to a healthier, happier and more sustainable work and lifestyle.


We believe in the power of positivity and the added value of human capital. We also believe that the need for growth and continuous improvement of people will help organisations to make the change to a healthy sustainable business lifestyle.


Due to our extensive experience and knowledge in the various roles and the applicable education and certification, our services have evolved into tailored services. For every human being is unique and requires a different approach.

We are part of the CAT professional association.


Passionate business consultant, change manager, family&kids coach, trainer and Orthomolecular Nutrition consultant. Growing up in Australia as a native speaker I am also fluent in Dutch. I truly believe that people are capable to continuously develop and grow. My passion is to contribute to a healthier, happy business and private lifestyle. 'Enjoying life is key!'


Experienced trainer, coach, creative director, Orthomolecular Nutrition consultant and manager. Loves interacting with people. The diversity in approach of each individual is my ultimate challenge and what keeps me motivated to push the envelope and to inspire you. What makes me happy is to contribute to a fabulous world 'with a happily ever after'.